I React is an awakening – a campaign born out of the realization that atrocities against women should not be tolerated at any cost.

For over many years now, our country has been waking up every day to the news of women being raped, molested and harassed in every way possible.

Statistics that shame the nation:

  • India 3rd in terms of rape cases
  • A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India
  • Conviction rate for rape cases only 26%
  • Of all major crimes, incidence of rape registers the highest growth in the last 4 decades

While our politicians continued to ignore these statistics, we chose to remain complacent, even as the dignity of our country was under attack. The silence of our country’s public gradually has lead to a society that became desensitized to atrocities against women.

Did we really need the sacrifice of 23 year-old Amanat to wake us from our deep slumber? Will so many other women continue to suffer a similar fate?

We at Indiareact.org want you to channelize this social awakening to send a strong message that any wrong-doings against women will be dealt with seriously. We want you to be the messengers, the protesters, the messiahs. Let us not participate in the conspiracy of silence any longer, and let us react whenever there is any news of violence against women.

Every girl or woman in their respective schools/colleges or offices should register her protest by wearing an ‘I Care I React’ badge on every such day when she has read or witnessed an act of aggression against another woman. Every woman, be her a mother, a teacher, a house-wife, an employee, a sales-person or one in any other profession, should display their support to this cause by wearing the badge.

Do not stop the protest even if you are faced with ridicule or mockery. Let this protest sow the seeds of change in people’s attitude towards a woman’s issue. A day will come when people will dread making baseless comments on a woman’s issue, films will stop having content that is insulting to women and politicians will be forced to wake up and start making new laws.

Show that you care.
Register your protest with an “I Care I React” badge which will be available soon.